Monday, 16 June 2014

Basil (said in her best Sybil voice)

So I bought some of this fine plant Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) 'Italian Large Leaf' to plant for munching and making pesto. Its a large leaved beast and if split up properly will adequately fill this pot and give us basil for the whole summer. The pots were £1.40 each, whilst I normally grow my own, landing in your own garden in June didn't really mean I could bring a billion baby seed trays with me. (I know I'm lazy......) Compared with fresh packets, this will save us a fortune in both spends and petrol to retrieve it from the shops. It will get regular haircuts and I'll freeze what we don't eat immediately.  A bit like the windowsill allotment of old, the tub will live on the windowsill of the conservatory. 

We're also partial to making basil pesto although we're in Fife now, so it will be Fife Pesto, I'm sure it will taste same. I'd love to make it with my own walnuts but lets face it, the poor wee fella is a bit peedie (small) yet but he survived the move 'sooth' well so maybe sometime in the future eh? So time to get this lot planted up and let it enjoy the sunshine on the windowsill, perfect way to grow stuff especially if you've no garden or limited space. I hear this area we've moved to is the sunniest in the UK, here's hoping that bits true eh?

And, no word on seeing the wellies, OK, I'm not allowed in the house with them on, so you saw nothing, right?

A great site about finding out about edible plants is Plant for a Future and here's what they have to say about Basil. Did you know its a perennial that we grow as an annual........

Problem with Basil is that I can never say it normally. I always have to use my 'Sybil' voice. More about Sybil and Basil here, a genius UK TV show from the 1970's. And for some classic Basil, not that I'm advocating that you beat you car with a shrub but........

Enjoy your basil, however you serve it.


  1. Classic! Thanks.

    Basil, Mozzarella, thick sliced tomato, salt, pepper and olive oil.....mmmmm....or add a few of Gods little fishes to it, anchovies...mmmmm and then add black olives, how about a pizza base, rocket.....hang on.... the diets screwed now!