Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bonnie things - Quirky's Happy Hoose Sampler

A wee while ago I came across a clever lass who seems to make the most bonnie cheerful things out of almost nowt. I've been following her on  Facebook for a while and spying the fine things she makes. When I saw her Sunny House Sampler I just couldn't resist. So a bit of the Wellyfest money was used to treat ourselves to this for our new wee cottage. She's included our chooks, puddles, wellies, Mr McB's bike, veggie gardens, hounds and everything. What a clever, talented and very helpful lass. If you like her bonnie cheerful colourful style, you can visit the very cheerful Quirky House on her blog.


  1. so pleased you like it and it was a joy to work on. Hope you post a photo when its framed and up on the wall.