Sunday, 29 June 2014

Here come the lasses.

So yesterday we got 'the call. Basket in hand we headed off to a secret farm location to collect the lasses from the local hen rescue charity.
OK so elight lasses ended up being brought home instead of the four I'd originally thought we'd try.
Scarlet is in a bit of a sorry state, just like her chums. But here's to a new life here. I'm assured all their feathers and bare bums will be just lush and lovely soon.
Lasses exploring their new hoose.
Haggis off to explore the new lodgers, well supervised he's curious but happy to see them. 
We'll look after you well lasses, I promise. 
Thanks for the 7 eggs today - wasn't that a lovely bonus! We had chums staying and was so lovely to give them eggs for brekkie. {Even if you all laid them under the hoose, in the grass and in the water bucket! I'm sure you'll get the hang of the wee new hoose eventually!}

Happy new home lasses.


  1. Aww they look so at home already! Do they all have names?

    1. They had a good first night in their house last night (they slept out al fresco the night before) and we had some lovely eggs - names Big Red, Amber, Bold blue, Scarlet, Proud Purple, Gorgeous Green, Rose Pink, Braw Broon!

  2. Welcome home girlies! Happy laying!

  3. I had 10 ex battery hens a few years ago. They settled to their new home and their feathers came back remarkably quickly. They all lived for many years and gave me plenty of eggs too. I'm sure you'll find yourself losing many an hour in the company of your new arrivals.