Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rome doesn't need built in a day.

Kellie Castle and some of the rhubarb collection.
I came home yesterday from a very inspiring garden buzzing with ideas and scored two free scones and a car full of plants.  Life is good and plentiful and a good scone is really hard to beat (so is a car full of free plants). In fact there's been a few inspiring gardens visited this week, always gets the fingers itching to get going on your own garden doesn't it?
Main border walkway and garden heart at Kellie Castle
Now, I'm not what you'd call a patient sort, really, you'd noticed? But even I have to admit that whilst I'd love to get torn in and spend every last bean I have buying wood, nails, plants and all things marvelous, sometimes planning is required and some thought. Like where to put the third blue shed we have, by the veg patch or under the honeysuckle? Ponder, ponder. 
A beautiful card from a chum with a blue shed in it (and with a fiver in it (RESULT!)) from Susie Grindey.
Three sheds in one garden, is to my mind, a bit odd. 
I'm more of an action girl running off to find a hammer, but I've got the books out instead and drawn up me plot and I'll ponder some more.
In the mean time I've these to give their normal 24 hour soak before they get loose in the garden.
More plants, fabulous.
And a clump of my absolute favourite Ladies mantle (Alchemilla mollis). Now I've waxed lyrical about this beast before with my 'ladies walk'. Yes its common, yes its prolific (no use of the word 'thug' on my watch thank you). 
It looks fantastic in the wet (we are in Scotland after all) and a marvelous cut flower filler to bring out the colours in any plants. Spot the ladies mantle in my bouquet - fabulous! There will be lots of it here, in ten years time when I'm cursing it and taming it. Remind me I actively sought it out.
 Sharing plants from friends and fellow gardeners is a great way to spread joy and keep the costs down. When friends give me plants it reminds me of them, so its nice to have a bit of their cheer in my garden. I never bin a plant, someone, somewhere will be glad of its beauty and cheer. If not a friend, or a colleague, the local charity shops and gardening groups often welcome cast offs. So if its not staying in my garden, someone else will enjoy it I'm sure. Just saying!
Enjoy your weekend! I'm off to find places for these plants once they've had their isolation soak :) and then go collect my chickens. 
Sometimes patience does pay off (as does the ability to bash stuff with hammers, like hen houses).
If they're good I might let them wander about the garden too, like this. Maybe.......they'd just best not eat my ladies mantle.


  1. I visited this garden a couple of years ago and it is my ideal garden. I still dream about it. Perfect.

  2. I love ladies mantle too, and am happy to have frothing masses of it. Great hen house, did you build it from scratch?