Sunday, 17 August 2014

Guard chicken?

I have this friend who has a guard chicken in the porch of his house. (Its true.) With the impending arrival of Pandas and the attention from the paparatzi we were considering our security options. Greta seems to be keen on the post and had a wee 'foray' on to the terrace. Sadly I don't think she might have the skills for the job. She got distracted on her way to her first watch by dog food. Tasty as it is I'm not sure she has the required focus for a guard chicken position.

Either way, as they stare from the kitchen door, the hounds remain unimpressed. Too scared of greta to object though. Perhaps an attack chicken is more likely, as soon as she finished eating, she chased the hounds away from their own food.

I hope she doesn't take a fancy to bamboo.....


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  2. LOL> My hens love cat food! They also make a bee line for polystyrene too so we have to make sure we keep it well out of their reach.
    It sounds like Greta certainly has the makings of a guard chicken :) Now you just need to teach her which humans you don't like ;)

  3. I really really really miss my hens! This reno can't end quick enough so that my ladies can come home!

  4. Maybe get Greta some boots and a cell phone oh and some bullet-proof feathers and it will make all the difference. Confidence you know. But then the dogs may never get to eat again so watch out for that. Can't wait to see the baby pandas in your bamboo!