Saturday, 16 August 2014

The pandas are coming

So I've heard the exciting news that the pandas in Edinburgh zoo are expecting. In anticipation of their needing a quiet place to gestate, I cleaned out the bamboo patch. After all the sunny east neuk is the perfect retreat for them to enjoy some peace. I hear the zoo keepers are packing up their suitcases as we speak. Obviously until they return the enclosure is closed. I'd ask you to respect our privacy at this delicate time.
In the mean time the hounds and I are off to practise our panda skills and mandarin.

Huanying Mr and Mrs Panda.


  1. I'm sure Mr and Mrs Panda will be very grateful of a babysitter once the new arrival is here.

    1. Good point! I best make sure we have plenty towels and hot water too.

  2. When they arrive, be sure to search 'em for concealed firearms. I've read that Lynne Truss book!

  3. Given our visitors we've already put in airport type security, so we should be ok. Never be too sure though eh?