Friday, 13 May 2011

Introducing Primula scotica - a rare Orkney beauty!

Primula scotica, or the scottish primrose, is one of the rarest little flowers in the UK and lucky for me, it has a stronghold in Orkney - and it's in flower the noo (now)! How exciting is that?!!
 How pretty is it? It has two flowerings in a season, one early around about now and one in July - in case like me, you normally miss it the first time!
 Excuse the uploaded piles of pictures the little thing is truly amazing and you cannot get enough of it! And, some of them are Mr Flowers pictures too, he gets a bit grumpy when I don't give him credit for his lovely handiwork!
 To give you an idea of scale - the plant in the photograph is 40 mm tall, or should that be 40 mm not-tall. And, I'm not actually supposed to be here, I'm writing up my final work and really shouldn't be taking time out for a sneaky walk with pretty flowers but why not....!
A beautiful primrose which loves the martime conditions on top of the cliffs growing happily in the maritime grassland and heath up there. Just now these cliffs are bursting with flowers, spring squill, sea pinks, eggs and bacon, and loads of other things I can hardly remember!
 I did take pictures of other things too, but this little beauty is such a delight I got a bit carried away.
 I like taking pictures of flowers, but I need a tripod and I need a bit more patience!
 And I have to tell you a fellow island blogger got better pictures than me in 2009 and thought about putting a 50p beside it to give you an idea of scale! Thank you sian! I only had my manky little fingers!
 It's very small! And, bear in mind, I'm very small too!
 How gorgeous is that colour!
I'm a very happy little flower girl today, new wellies getting a walk, me dancing about like a loony! I got to see my favourite flower on an amazing cliff walk at Yesnaby which I'll upload for a lovely 'virtural' walk soon! However, as Mr Flowers found the little flower first this year, I'm still a bit unchuffed about that! I'll beat him next time, I hope!


  1. How lovely that is! And how great it is to be able to see something that is so rare.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. positively gorgeous little flower! magnificent last photo there too with the sun shining in the background and those lovely purple wellies.

  3. Purple wellies, purple flower - so coordinated!

  4. How cute are you!! And the flower is so pretty, such lovely pics.

  5. How gorgeous,you look so happy in those wellies!!

  6. Thank you very much Jenni - you too know the powerful effect of a pair of lovely wellies on your leggies!

  7. Mrs B thank you!

    Linda, I know, purple fleece too - ruined the effect with a pink hat - never mind eh?! Prim scot is more pink than purple - the light there was evening and maybe affected the photos?

    Journeys to scotland - thank you - I look very silly but I think thats OK!

    Anne I feel very luck to be here and glad I got a peek at it too - if I'd waited to today (wind and rain) not a hope of getting out!!

  8. So pretty, reminds me of the pics I've seen of the far North (Baffin Island) where brilliant tiny beauties magically appear.

  9. WE used to photograph this special wee primula on trips to Papay, with a 5p coin (old one) next to it. It should have got picked as Orkney's flower instead Caithness got that honour.

    Love the outfit! Fitting gear for a walk round Yesnaby.

  10. Thank you both for the lovely comment!
    Baffin I what fun!

    Janet I've looked at your blog and your garden open on 3rd July - do I have that right - might be in that neck of the land...........!

  11. The gardens in Montrose and Hillside open on Sunday 3 July. They are worth a visit. But I would say that wouldn't I?
    We used to open our garden in Tankerness with the local RNLI. Those were the days - these teas!
    Say "Hello"if you visit I wouldn't recognise you without the hat. Or you could wear the wellies.......

  12. Good to see the wellies getting out and about - and that primula is beautiful, if tiny. Can you go back and collect seed and grow some for yourself, or is that frowned upon?

  13. What a beautiful, petite, bloom :) Those are some wicked wellies!

  14. Mr flowers is grumpy cause he doesn't get enough credit, your peeved at not being first and I am miserable because you are so young and I have never heard of this little beauty before. Oh me, fars it a gan tae end.

  15. Alistair - yer a richt, yu'll lang be a loon ta me. :)

    Your comment had me in fits of giggles!

    Jenny - they are wicked wellies and the flower isn't half bad either!

    Janet - its kinda frowned upon - but I'll give the folk at the local enviornment agency a call - Its great grown from seed, but too beautiful not to give it a go!

    Janet - thank you for the info! If I manage I'll wear a hat!!