Monday, 3 March 2014

For today - March.

A highland coo, on the road on Saturday this week as we along to the beach! I had to shoo it away to get by....!
FOR TODAY, once again taking part in the regular Simple Woman's Day Book.

Outside my window dwarf narcissi bloom nodding their little heads together in the sunshine.

I am thinking about moving forward and how to achieve that as best I can and the opportunities ahead.

I am thankful for my son getting a work placement over the summer that will see him learning and staying home with me for three months, selfishly I'm excited for him for both.

In the kitchen, meal planning means the roast we had yesterday has turned into an easy meal for today and more for other days. It works even though I hate it!

I am wearing tartan PJ's with a fleecey top, bare feet toasted by the open fire.

I am creating my new life, updating cv's and have applications to finish this week, each job very interesting and exciting!

I am going, this week, nowhere new, but maybe I should as I'm leaving within three months. After 13 years on an island have I really seen it all?

I am wondering how my daughter feels heading into the final few months at her school. Fledging off to university after it finishes, is exciting, but I'm sure that change is both exciting and scary all at once.

I am reading snow drop texts as one of the job's I'm applying for is in a Snowdrop garden - so it pays to be properly researched!

I am hoping the sun shines this week and the nights are cold and clear - its been such a good week or so for the aurora borealis and such a treat to see it - I hope it pops out again this week.

I am looking forward to a lovely long sleep - I did a lot of preparation for work yesterday and a long day today - I think its time to sleep.

I am learning to be patient and allow life to happen. Also, that I need to respect myself and my decisions so others can too.

Around the house the dogs are snoring, the fire is crackling. Its good. The kitchen is quiet but the lamp is on, signalling we're all home and happy.

I am pondering if I jobs which sound idyllic are also affordable - life isn't just about money the choices we make. I need to make sure mine are right for me and I know my family will support them.

A favorite quote for today, 'Be so happy, that when others look at you, they become happy too!'

One of my favorite things, the snoring ones, by my side.

A few plans for the rest of the week: teaching, writing, job applications, negotiations.

A peek into my day - leafing through our lovely wedding photo book, fun memories of our wedding and the 'raffle' of wellyboots at the door of where we were all staying. My friend has made this particular photograph into a wall photo for me - it hangs on my walls with great joy reminding me of friendship and love and acceptance for who you are in your heart.

Want to join in? Here's how to take part over at the Simple Womans Day Book! Enjoy the other posts and thanks to Peggy for organising it all.:


  1. I love that picture of the piled up wellies! Good luck with the job hunting :)

    1. Thanks Kim - that was the day after our wedding! Brilliant eh?