Friday, 7 March 2014

Tattie Nirvana

There's a certain time of year in Orkney when there's a real buzz in the air, folks are out ploughing as the sun peeks out now and again, between the squalls. 

And, like every good thing that comes to those who wait, the seed tatties arrive in William Shearer's wonderful shop in Kirkwall. (Most of us do a wee dance in our wellyboots. Yes, really.) 

It's actually one of the bonniest sights on the planet - a whole room full to bursting with so many types of seed tatties. And, so many in fact they produce a catalogue every year.  This year's one is pink (I knew you were wondering)......and its full of so much great information on the varieties of tatties and their history too.
Never has a new season's catalogue ever been so waited for, this year its electronic too! 

And as for the actual shop once the tatties arrive you'll see many of us walking in and out of the 'back shop' of this particular shop, you know, just for a look. Who would have known Tattie Nirvana existed in real life, here in Orkney.  In real life they really should put a wee coffee machine in there for us tattie enthusiasts to have a wee sit and take in the ambiance.

It's early season tattie chitting time! And, I for one, cannae wait. As it also means, even up here, its time to think about getting out in the garden, or spending soggy days leafing through tattie catalogues thinking about the season ahead. Now, we all know that I'll probably only grow King Edwards and some Pink Fir Apples in tubs this year, but it doesn't stop a girl dreaming of all those other delightful varieties!
Pink Fir Apple Tatties, a right bonnie eater.
And as for Shearer's - probably the best shop in the universe since 1857.  On the main page of the website you can have a wee 'virtual look' around its delights.

Website here and yes it sells everything from sushi rice to seeds to bannocks, butter to waders, coo's lug dog chews to an assortment of fishing, gardening, farming and gaming products. The whole place is just epic, if you need it, its probably in Shearer's.

Open 9am-5.30pm Mon-Sat. Sensibly closed on Sundays.

They've a facebook page here if like me you love them too!

You got a favourite old fashioned shop that's just buzzing at most times of the year?

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  1. I've just made myself dizzy looking at the panoramic thingie on the Shearer's website! What a fab little shop.
    Yum to pink fir apple potatoes - I've promised myself some this year for the lottie - best get ordering!